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Living our values

Our values inform how we conduct business, treat our people and deliver for our customers:

  • A culture of trust and inspiration.
  • A dedication to safety, efficiency and responsibility.
  • Taking pride in transparency by providing our customers with end-to-end visibility across our operations, empowering them make credible claims on supply chain sustainability.

Meet some of Woodspin’s experts

We are dedicated to transforming an entire industry for the better.


Administration Manager

Esko Haavisto

There is a real can-do culture at Woodspin. We are all involved in shaping our values, systems and workplaces.

The opportunity to make a difference brought me here. I am working with innovative technology that has the potential to drive sustainable growth and transform the textile industry, which is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions.

The average person only wears an item seven times before discarding it. How much water does it take to grow the cotton in a t-shirt that is then thrown away? It is statistics like that which demonstrate the substantial challenge and represent a significant opportunity.

One of the greatest benefits of being part of the Woodspin team is the transparent, supportive environment. We have a clear sense of purpose that I find inspiring and empowering.


Laboratory Technician

Ritva Paavilainen

Woodspin is where I can combine my love of chemistry and mathematics with the opportunity to make a difference. It is exciting to be part of a start-up with a mission to be the world’s most sustainable textile fibre source.

I have worked in labs across the oil refinery and automotive industries. My hard work and experience have led me here. There is a real sprit of innovation through collaboration at Woodspin – a common culture and shared passions.

I love my job and feel privileged to do what I love. I am proud of the part we will play in the creation of such a unique product, one that can have a positive impact on future generations and the fashion they wear.

I am looking forward to playing a role in the Woodspin story.